Elderly - Prevention Tips for Summer

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Elderly - Prevention Tips for Summer

In summer for most of us it means sun, light, sea and traveling.

But for older people, high summer temperatures can turn summer into a nightmare.

The health of older people in the summer is interwoven with intense heat, isolation and dependence on others.

How can we help the elderly in our environment to spend their summer vacation safely, either with us or without us?


The elderly should drink a glass of water every hour.

Ideally, it is recommended to consume carbonated water, as it "goes down" more easily, not to be cold but at room temperature.

Also, hydration can be done with summer fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, and yoghurt.

Cool atmosphere

First of all, the elderly should avoid exits in the warmer hours of the day, I e between 10am and 4pm, and should wear lightweight clothing.

As we grow older, body temperature is not set as before.

If there is no air conditioner available, you can use a fan by placing a bottle of ice cubes in front of it to make the air fresher, to make a foot bath and to moisten your ankles, wrists and throat.

Many elderly people, in the summer, are alone in their home.

The family should think and take care of how the elderly will be doing their shopping if there are neighbors who could help or need to communicate with social welfare providers.

The important thing is that the person is adequately equipped with all the daily needs.


Elderly people should not leave their habits.

The best way to boost their autonomy is walking, socializing, meeting with other people and engaging in activities appropriate to their age.

Beware of warning signs

When an older person does not seem to be as usual, you have to ask yourself why this may happen and possibly have to call a doctor.

Pain in this age can come from many different factors. Once you see that they don’t feel well, ask them where it hurts.

Many times they refrain from saying it.

Fatigue, cramps, difficulty in movement and fever are signs that something is wrong.

You should help elderly people directly.

Source: y-o.gr


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